Core Endeavors

Core Endeavors

Chiragh-The Lamp

The first Pakistani Documentary tribute to the greatest living Philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi (2015) “Chiragh-The Lamp” received STANDING OVATION. Premier was held at THE ARTS COUNCIL of KARACHI on Nov 15, 2015]


In Jan 2010, amongst nearly 130 news stories, features and documentaries focusing on human rights issues from all over Pakistan, the Documentary “Footpath” (Concerning
Street Children) was chosen by Intermedia & Asia Foundation (Pakistan) for Excellence in Human Rights reporting.


In Nov 2020, my Documentary “STANLEY” was selected & screened at the “London Liftoff Film Festival.

Street Bullets

In Dec 2020, my Documentary “Street Bullets” was awarded “The Best Documentary Short International” at the Seattle International Film Festival & Independent Shorts Awards Film Festival. In May2021 “Street Bullets” bagged the award for Best Documentary & Best Female Director at the Indie Filmmaker Awards.

21 OCT 2021

For 2021, The Global Presence is honored to recognize Pakistani humanitarian documentary filmmaker, Naziha Mahmood, for her trailblazing works in the arena of altruism. Born & raised in Karachi, Naziha had been working five years as a television news anchor when she felt a deep calling to give greater voice to humans often least heard. Her first documentary, produced in 2009 and titled “Footpath” courageously exposes the raw brutality of daily life for children living in the streets of Karachi. Reworked and retitled as “Street Bullets” in December 2020, the film has earned international acclaim including “The Best Documentary Short International” at the Seattle International Film Festival and the Indie Filmmaker Awards.
Naziha also provided an intimate view into the daily life of one of Pakistan’s greatest humanitarians, Abdul Sattar Edhi, in 2015 with her documentary “The Lamp.”

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