LAU – The Flame

LAU – The Flame

LAU – The Flame

In 2015, a severe heat wave clouted Karachi and resulted in over 2,000 casualties. The Edhi Foundation, through the efforts of an exceptional humanitarian Abdul Sattar Edhi, buried 400 unclaimed deceased. 

Abdul Sattar Edhi NI LPP GPA was a Pakistani humanitarian, philanthropist and ascetic, who founded the Edhi Foundation that runs the world’s largest volunteer ambulance network, along with various homeless shelters, animal shelters, rehabilitation centers, and orphanages across Pakistan.

Over his lifetime, the Edhi Foundation expanded, backed entirely by private donations, which included establishing a network of 1,800 ambulances. By the time of his death in 2016, Edhi was registered as a parent or guardian of nearly 20,000 adopted children. He is known amongst Pakistanis as the “Angel of Mercy” and is considered to be Pakistan’s most respected and legendary figure.

Abdul Sattar Edhi was nominated several times for the Nobel Peace Prize. He received several awards that include the Gandhi Peace Award, Ahmadiyya Muslim Peace Prize and the UNESCO-Madanjeet Singh Prize. Edhi passed in July 2016, he was buried with full state honors.

The Flame entails a powerful narrative of exemplary compassion. Edhi was the epitome of humanity and will always be remembered in that light.

The Film was created with the intention of carrying forward the light of Edhi’s mission.

Director’s Statement

A hand of love, respect and commitment are the essential gears of this labor of love and magnanimous cause. It’s time the world sees, values and comes forward. Prepare your hearts and eyes for the liberty of tears.

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Date : Jan 2021 [Solo]

Duration: 19 minutes

Written, Directed, and Produced by: NAZIHA MAHMOOD

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