STANLEY is a heart jerking narrative, a fractured saga of tireless efforts, Ageless Wisdom, Grief, Space Creation, Joy and Love. The Profound loss and subsequent gain through the service dog with an extraordinary spirit.

The documentary was filmed in Bristol in Dec 2019 and it’s in the narrative mostly.

“Papa, I don’t think Heaven or Hell are places we go to after we die, I think it’s the life we choose to live while we are here.”
– Cameron Allen [s/o Henry-Cameron Allen]

“There is a gift in every Loss, if we choose to look at it that way!”
– Henry-Cameron Allen

A gripping tale moored in anguish, told with tenderness.

In Loving Memory of Cameron Allen, ‘STANLEY’ is also a tribute to the four paws in service, changing lives.

Watch On :

Date : 19 th Dec 2019 [Solo]

Duration: 26 mins


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