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I had always wondered how being old would feel. I was literally frightened of it. At the outset, it wasn’t so bad but that’s not the point. The more important question is who decides that it is the outset, how do you know that age is catching up, how do gauge that the youth is […]

“Amid the noun and verb, adjective is often tied. Between the spirit and saga, I dreamt, dared and died!” I have no wish to die; I am not keen to live… Yet, before my time, much I need to give… Today, I stand delighted in my PJs and a black t-shirt and wonder, have I ever been more enriched! Father’s blood and mother’s flood A simple soul with injured goal Deeply kind, and broken mind A gifted wit then edgy spirit Burned by sorrows & tomorrows Plus the Joys that I borrowed

How I perceived it… Words are so much better in my head; however, the numerous mixed reviews and reproaches have plainly motivated me to pen down my thoughts on the “Game of Thrones” and how I see its ultimate episode. But primarily, I am thrilled to extend my heartiest applauses on the enormously challenging nonetheless dazzling effort on by each and every member associated with the making of GOT, including producers, directors, writers, the entire cast all the way to the extras. I have

Everyday is a new hope yet everyday we take a step back and make our reputation closer to the worst countries in history. The latest measure was to give the pistols to schoolteachers and training to use them for their own and the children’s security. Think for a moment and ask yourself; where are we living, have we gone back in the Stone Age?

As a News Anchor and a Female in today’s world of the electronic media in my country (society is an individual debate), being in possession of “dignity” is unassuming. There are consequences. And this time the wait was not long. Functioning like a machine, being particularly punctual as the clock, disciplined as a soldier, dressed like a lady with a qualified smile and loyalty of a wife, what was I thinking? Did I really believe that I would go places? Well, I was sadly wrong. You can be

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