Everyday is a new hope yet everyday we take a step back and make our reputation closer to the worst countries in history. The latest measure was to give the pistols to schoolteachers and training to use them for their own and the children’s security. Think for a moment and ask yourself; where are we living, have we gone back in the Stone Age?

The world has seen the Moon and the Mars but we are still not using adequate brains to survive on earth a little more wisely than the current conundrum. There is something called “Preventive Measure” which does not mean offering pistols to teachers. What are we teaching our children
and how is this considered securing their future. The terrorists will always be well prepared as they are professionally trained in what they do. The first thing their snipers would do is to get rid of the guards visible on the rooftop.

At the same time, what would be the impact on our children observing their teachers holding pistols instead of coaching them to be representative, about First Aid, where and how to reach the safest spot in the building in a given situation and these sort of things. Having pistols and knowledge of using them is not the solution. If sense prevails we need a contingency plan. The terrorists are far better equipped and communicated.

The Peshawar Tragedy is certainly beyond words but there are preventive and corrective measures such as changing parameters of the schools, placing proper and enough safety tabs. Specifically speaking of the PEW Incident, the main gate had security however a trivial wall and a graveyard across were left alone from where the culprits entered.

Educating your children about authenticity and how to face the unpredicted appears to be a much sensible option to me than keeping pistols. We always heard that Pen is mightier but this doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. The measures taken today tantamount to an ant challenging the lion.

It is time we come of age and use the greatest blessing of the Almighty “our brains’. Let us endorse education & awareness instead of weedier reprisal. Let us prove than Pen is mightier than the sword and we are better than the cowards!

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