As a News Anchor and a Female in today’s world of the electronic media in my country (society is an individual debate), being in possession of “dignity” is unassuming. There are consequences. And this time the wait was not long.

Functioning like a machine, being particularly punctual as the clock, disciplined as a soldier, dressed like a lady with a qualified smile and loyalty of a wife, what was I thinking? Did I really believe that I would go places? Well, I was sadly wrong. You can be all the above everyday and still be reduced.

B E C A U S E … Those who sit at a place hardly made for them, those who have beards with additional moles than hair, WOULD NOT BUY “dignity”.

Nonetheless, work the opposite, dress like mannequin, smile with invite, holiday of anxiety, work thanklessly, replace grace with space, appear unruffled on screen and impish off screen, engage in meaningless chatter, lie for the sake of lying, discount efficiency but reflect gender, exploit body language and rebate the mind. And there you are, going places in the blink of an eye. Barring aptitude, you will be crowned as THE ‘EXCLUSIVE’ and (Leading) News Presenter.

The concept of a female News Presenter in Pakistan is:

  • Being Eye Candy
  • With Birthday cake’s icing
  • Blonde hair
  • Exhibiting curves
  • Acting sad with the red lipstick …

The day you start objecting to the ‘impropriety’ of the ill educated and immodest superiors, you are shown the door… it is as easy as that! A female with attractive aspects, minus knowledge, sincerity or dignity… This is THE REAL FACE OF SAMAA TV, where “Samaa hai Suhaana”. But what they don’t understand is the fact that DIGNITY IS NEVER FOR SALE. I chose Dignity over my Job and walked out on the Murky world of our ostensive Journalism and Electronic Media.

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I’m currently based in Karachi, Pakistan. I can be contacted via email on:
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